State of Information Technology Auditing in Botswana

  • Nugi Nkwe



This article summaries the state of Information Technology Auditing in Botswana. It looks at the adoption rate of IT and challenges and successes of IT auditing and How IT has changed Auditing in Botswana.

Design/Methodology /Approach

The approach taken is that of a general review


A number of developing countries are adopting Information Technology (IT) and this is happening at fast pace but problems which are coupled with it are not fully addressed. One of the areas which are still lagging behind is Information Technology Auditing. A lot of researchers have found that Information Technology is the best technology to have come to this world but it has brought certain ills with it. To try and curb these ills, Information Technology Auditing is a major area to be considered. Botswana has to act quickly and adopt Information Technology Auditing

Keywords: Accounting, Information Technology, Information Technology Auditing, Botswana

Paper Category: General Review

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