Retail Investors’ Responsibilities in Stock Market Imperfection in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study

  • Protap Kumar Ghosh Assistant Professor, Business Administration Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh
  • Sutap Kumar Ghosh Assistant Professor, Finance and Banking Department, Islamic University, Bangladesh


Because of frequent price instability, stock market in Bangladesh represents itself an imperfect one over times. The retail investors claim that these frequent price fluctuation in the market is due to price manipulation, presence of syndicate and improper control by regulatory bodies and so on. But this study has found that a great portion of retail investors are very micro investors and reluctant in using relevant information in stock trading and furthermore ridiculously influenced by others investors and brokerage house personnel. Most of them consider only trend of past prices and market index. Majority of our respondents never considered net asset per share although it might give an idea about market value per share. So, the whole responsibilities of this price volatility and market imperfection can’t be shifted to third parties solely; retail investor themselves are responsible to some extent due to their irrational behavior and high expectation from stock trading. Stock market perfection in Bangladesh is quite impossible without enhancing awareness among retail investors and ensuring their rational behavior in stock trading.

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