Drivers of Firm’s Value: Panel Data Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Industry

  • Ranjit Tiwari "IILM Graduate School of Management"
  • Brajesh Kumar National Institute of Financial Management


The purpose of this paper is to classify the value drivers into broad categories and then identify the major drivers of firm’s value for Indian manufacturing industry and also work out the sectorial sensitivity of value drivers. To achieve the objectives of the study we first derive the value driver’s model next we use panel regression with different model specifications to empirically analyse the major drivers of firm’s value. Our study reveals that sales, net margin, book value, dividend per share, beta and earnings per share are the six major financial drivers of value. All the strategic drivers when included in the model have significant relation with value without disturbing the r-square of the model. Thus, it is clear that apart from generic financial drivers, firms need to put more attention on strategic choices they make, because it is the strategic choice that will give firms an edge over others in developing economies like India. Further, we also observe sector specific priorities of the value drivers. This paper provides academicians and practitioners with an overview of the applicability of value drivers for Indian manufacturing industry. Further, the study will fill the gap in literature by adding value drivers’ evidence from one of the fastest growing economies in the world and will benefit researchers in arriving at common consensus for value drivers in emerging economies. 

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Ranjit Tiwari, "IILM Graduate School of Management"

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