Real Estate Investment in Bangladesh: A Pre Liminary Study

  • Naheem Mahtab Independent University, Bangladesh
  • Maqbool Kader Quraishi


Now a day's real estate investment through bank is a common phenomenon. Every single person or every house development company is used to take loans from banks or other financial institutions to complete their construction. Without bank loans it not possible to complete their construction on time. Income level is a very impressive influencing factor of real estate investment in our country. People don't want to spend whole amount construction cost from their own pocket that's why they are becoming dependent on loans of banks or other financial institution. Financing cost includes the interest payment of loans. Sometimes people are facing problem to repay the loans when any other political or natural instability stop their construction they the client of the bank are come to the defaulters list. There is a big issue in current real estate market that is low transparency of loans of financial institutions. When any financial institution provides loans to any house building company then they sometimes not disclose some terms related to loans then after some month or year the loan taking clients get some problems which is not good for the sector in Bangladesh.

Author Biography

Naheem Mahtab, Independent University, Bangladesh
Lecturer, School of Business
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