The Volatility of Market Risk in Viet Nam Listed Consumer Good, Wholesale and Retail Company Groups during and after the Financial Crisis

  • Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy International University of Japan - GSIM, and Banking University HCMC


The Viet Nam economy and especially, the stock exchange has been influenced by the global crisis during the period 2007-201. For specific industries, such as consumer good and wholesale/retail industries, the risk re-analysis and estimation for the listed firms in these industries become necessary.

First, by using quantitative and analytical methods to estimate asset and equity beta of three (3) groups of sub-trading listed companies in Viet Nam material, consumer good, wholesale and retail industries with a proper traditional model, we found out that the beta values, in general, for most companies are acceptable, excluding a few cases. There are 72% of listed firms with lower risk, among total 229 firms, whose beta values lower than (<) 1.

Second, through comparison of beta values among three (3) above industries, we recognized there are still 26% of total listed firms in the above group companies with beta values higher than (>) 1and have stock returns fluctuating more than the market index.

Finally, this paper generates some outcomes that could provides both internal and external investors, financial institutions, companies and government more evidence in establishing their policies in investments and in governance.

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