The Impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on Saudi stock market performance using a Regression model and Granger causality test-Empirical Analysis

  • Dr.Kavita Panjwani Jazan University
  • Mohammad Arif Riaz


The objective of the study to investigates the impact of COVID-19 epidemic on Saudi stock market performance by using regression model and pairwise granger causality tests. The time series data has been taken for this study from 01 March 2020 to 6 Dec 2020. Coronavirus has been measured in terms of cumulative new corona cases per million, new corona deaths per million, total corona cases per million and total corona deaths per million, whereas stock market return is evaluated in terms of stock market index. The study’s finding reveal that Saudi stock market significance affected by COVID-19. The study also depicts that unidirectional and bidirectional relationship between corona-virus cases and Saudi stock market with the help of granger causality test. We also highlight the main the preventive policies taken by governments related to COVID-19 have affected the stock market.

Author Biography

Dr.Kavita Panjwani, Jazan University
Assistant Professor & Coordinator in Department
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