Cash Conversion Cycle and Profitability, Evidence from Jordan


This study investigates the impact of working capital management and its components on profitability as a practical aspect, and how is compatible with the theoretical aspect. Besides, it examines other financial factors that may affect profitability by using a sample of Jordanian manufacturing firms listed in the Amman Stock Exchange for the period (2016-2018). Theoretically, manufacturing firms that have been studied have current assets over half of their total assets. Therefore, the working capital management role will be clearer on firm profitability.

Practically, the results indicate that there is a significant relationship between the cash conversion cycle, which is considered as a proxy of working capital management, and profitability of the manufacturing firms. This provides an opportunity to create value for shareholders by decreasing receivable accounts and inventory, enhancing the profitability of the firms and reducing the collection period and by adopting effective credit policy.

Author Biography

Manar Moffadi Al-Mohareb, MBA-Accounting, Business Faculty, University of Jordan
MBA-Accounting, Business Faculty, University of Jordan, Internation PhD Student
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