The Impact of Accounting Information System in Planning, Controlling and Decision-Making Processes in Jodhpur Hotels

  • Omar Abdalla Jawabreh Al Balqa Applied University
  • Ali M Alrabei Research Scholar


The study aims to identify the reality of accounting information systems in four and five-star hotels in terms of planning, controlling and decision making. The descriptive analytical method has been used through data collection by means of a questionnaire distributed to various hotel accountants. After the statistical analysis of the questionnaire, appeared several key findings most important of which are that hotels in Jodhpur didn't use the methods of accounting information system in planning, control and decision making processes. The study finding respectively that all grouped items have a mean of (1.77, and 0.00), (1.85 and 0.00), (1.98 and 0.00) level of significance (p-value), which means that these hypothesizes is rejected. Because there is no relationship between accounting information system and planning, controlling, and decision-making in four and five star Jodhpur Hotels. The study recommends increase the rehabilitation of the cadres and develop the information system at Jodhpur hotels towards the efficient application of accounting information system methods.

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