Essential of Central Bank’s Regulatory Policy to Strengthen Green Banking Practice and Reporting in a Country

  • Sutap Kumar Ghosh Assistant Professor, Department of Banking and Finance, Islamic University
  • Protap Kumar Ghosh Associate Professor at Business Administration Discipline, Khulna University
  • Sabrin Chowdhury Student at Business Administration Discipline, Khulna University


This paper has been designed to investigate the current scenarios of Green Banking practices in Indian sub-continent and to disclose how central bank’s direct regulatory policy strengthens mandatory Green Banking practice and reporting in a country. This study is mainly a descriptive one based on review of different published literature. Relevant information has been collected from different off-line and online sources. Present scenario of Green Banking practices and central bank Green Banking policies in Indian sub-continent (India, Bangladesh and Pakistan) are disclosed first and then how central bank regulatory policies can create a competitive advantage to accelerate Green Banking practice in a country are disclosed. After critical evaluation of collected information, we find that if the central bank formulates Green Banking policies and enforces mandatory Green Banking practices and reporting for financial institutions rather than voluntary practices, a significant and distinguished progress in Green Banking practices and reporting may take place to ensure sustainable banking practice in a country.

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