The Impact of Human Capital Development Cost on the Net Income and Dividend: An Applied Study over Jordanian Islamic Banks

  • Atef Aqeel Al-Bawab
  • Hani Ali Aref Al-Rawashdeh


The study aimed at identifying the effect of the cost of Human capital development through training employees on the net income and dividend at Jordanian Islamic banks; three banks. The study followed the descriptive analytical approach. The financial data of published financial statements of the study population over the period (2012-2015) were brought and analyzed by mathematical modules to test the study hypotheses. The study concluded several results, the most important are:  There is an effect for the cost of training employees over the pre-tax annual profit development at Jordanian Islamic banks with variant proportions. There is also an effect with variant proportions for the cost of training employees over dividend. The study recommended several recommendations; the most important was the need of Jordanian Islamic banks to disclose in their financial statements in details the cost of their human capital development.

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