Insight into the Links among External Business Environments, Corporate Governance and Organisational Performance

  • Quang Linh Huynh Tra Vinh University


The existing literature has acknowledged the complicated links among external business environments, corporate governance and organisational performance. However, a large void exists in the extant research models of corporate governance, because none have discussed and empirically examined the intervenient effect of the corporate governance mechanism on the external business environments and organisational performance. A thorough review of the literature on corporate governance, external business environments and organisational performance comes to the proposed hypotheses. The indirect effect of external business environments on organisational performance via corporate governance is statistically tested. The research provides empirical evidence that organisational performance is the consequence of both corporate governance and external business environments that is, in turn, the causality of corporate governance. More importantly, it offers insight into the mediating effect of corporate governance in transforming the uncertainty of external business environments into organisational performance. The findings suggest that firms facing uncertainty in external business environments should adopt suitable corporate governance to achieve the best organisational performance.

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