Effect of Liberalization of Amman Stock Market on the Prices Fluctuation for the Period (1994-2015)

  • Ahmad Abdalla Alrafaya Shoubak Collage- Balqa Applied University


This study aimed to identify the relationship between the information and fluctuations in stocks return following the liberalization process of financial market, and illustrate the effect of liberalization of Amman Stock Exchange on price fluctuations, and the trend of this influence. To achieve this goal the researcher depended on the data of the daily stocks returns for Amman stock market for the period (1994-2015).

The study was based on the analytical descriptive method. The period from which the financial data were taken was divided into two periods: first, the pre-liberalization of the financial market (1994-2000), and the second period, the post-liberalization which extended from 2001 to 2015, the appropriate statistical analysis was conducted through (e-views) program, and using the (GARCH) model.

The results showed that there is an effect of the stock market liberalization on the fluctuations pattern in the Jordanian Stock Exchange, the speed and accuracy of information flow to the market has increased after stock market liberalization, it also appeared that there are some events and factors such as wars and catastrophes which lead to strong and illogical fluctuations in the stock market, and that the variation in price changes before the liberalization period was integrated variation which indicates that news have perpetual influences on price changes.

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