The Determinants of Foreign Exchange Exposure of EGX30 Companies "An Empirical Study"


This study aims to examine the evidence for measuring the significance of foreign exchange exposure (FXE) for EGX30 companies during the period from 2000-2016. The problem of the study is concerned with the fluctuations of the foreign exchange (FX) rate in Egypt, which have a great effect on the financial performance of EGX30 companies. Following prior studies (e.g. Aggarwal R., 2010; Lee, 2011 and Sam Agyei-Ampomah K. M., 2012), this study uses Fama-French (FF) model to measure the FXE. The result of the study shows that 70% of EGX30 companies were significant to the foreign exchange exposure; the results are robust to the choice of model design.

Author Biography

Rehab Emad El-Din Mohammed, New Cairo Academy
Accounting and finance
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