Factors Affecting the ProfitabilitFactors Affecting the Profitability of Indonesian Real Estate Publicly-listed Companiesy of Indonesian Real Estate Publicly-listed Companies

  • John Francis T Diaz
  • Martha Christianie Tjokro Hindro


The research studies the relationship between eight firm-specific factors on the profitability of large-, medium-, and small-scale real estate Indonesian companies. The data uses forty-seven real estate companies listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange from 2010 to 2014. The study utilized multiple linear panel regression models, namely, ordinary least squares (OLS), fixed effects (FE) and random effects (RE) in examining the effect on the return on asset of firm-specific factors, which include: number of days account receivables, number of days inventory, number of days of account payable, size of the company, current ratio, debt ratio, sales growth, and tangibility. Empirical findings show that the number of days account receivable has negative relationship with profitability, but it has no effect on medium-size Indonesian real estate companies. The factor number of days inventories has negative relationship in small-size companies, but the inverse is true for large companies, because large real estate firms have more liquid assets that covers maintenance costs related to real estate inventories. Size and sales growth have positive relationship on profitability for both large and small Indonesian real estate firms. On one hand, current ratio has positive relationship in large companies, while a negative relationship was found in small companies, because of the lower current asset base usually being experienced by smaller real estate firms. Lastly, tangibility has negative relationship with profitability for large companies, while the opposite is true for medium-sized real estate firms. Findings of this research are strong in using two panel regression models, and can help real estate managers have a general perspective regarding determinants of profitability in the expanding Indonesian market. This study also provides fresh perspectives in creating suitable strategies to controlling factors that maximizes profitability.

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