The Factors That Affect To Attract Deposits in Palestinian Islamic Banks

  • Amer Saadi Jaber
  • Mohammed Shuaib Manasrah


This study aims to identify the factors that affect to attract deposits in Palestinian Islamic banks. The researcher used the descriptive approach to reach the results and recommendations of the study. The study society is a branches manager of Islamic banks operating in Palestine. The sample was the Sam of study society; because the small size of study society. It found that there is a relation between the geographical location of the branches of Islamic banks, advertising campaigns and promotion, diversification, development of services, experience of bank staff, and attracting deposits in Islamic banks in Palestine.

The study recommended that the Islamic banks in Palestine continuously provide savings campaigns to increase deposits, and must choose locations based on the recommendations of branch managers and the involvement of marketing departments. In addition, they should increase investment in human resources in terms of training, qualification. And work to provide them with the necessary skills to attract customers.

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