Accrual Accounting in Public Sectors: Possible Contextual and Application Gaps for Future Research Agenda

  • Rozaidy Mahadi Universiti Malayia Sabah
  • Siti Nabiha Abdul Khalid Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Rasid Mail Universiti Malayia Sabah
  • Raman Noordin Universiti Malayia Sabah


This paper analyses the possible contextual and application gaps derived from the utilisation of van Helden and Northcott’s (2010) method of study for classifying themes in published public sector’s accrual accounting papers according to their research objectives. As a result, our theme categorisation refers to the following research objectives: a) proposing new financial/management accounting techniques/approaches for public sector accrual accounting systems (e.g. accrual output-based budgeting, performance management and costing); b) examining the effectiveness of accrual accounting techniques/approaches; c) identifying the conditions for the successful/failure of the implementation of accrual accounting techniques/approaches; and d) knowledge-building in understanding, explaining and critiquing the adoption and use of accrual accounting techniques/approaches, both theoretically and practically. Through the process of populating and establishing the themes (based on research objectives), we were able to identify which areas of study have received less attention and which areas have room for further exploration.

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