A Logical Process about the Chaos in FOREX Financial Market

  • Marco Mele LUSPIO University


Foreign exchange market has been subject of studies and discussions for many years. They were created modern theories and models to understand and predict the evolution of the price of money, and embarked on new discussions and new frontiers of study.

In this paper we test the hypothesis of non-linearity and behavior chaotic the latest developments of the markets, to arrive at a solid and unambiguous conclusion on this type of dynamic systems analyzed. In particular, we introduce mathematical concepts and to study the properties of chaotic dynamics and non-linear in nature. It will delve into topics not therefore always present in economics courses in order to base the tests carried out on solid considerations from the point of view of formal mathematical. It will be followed, finally, a scientific rigor during the course of the analysis in order to give an interpretation of the results of logistic type can lead to scientific considerations different from econometric modeling.

Author Biography

Marco Mele, LUSPIO University
Aggregate Professor, Economic Policy.
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