Post-merger Integration Approaches: Case Analysis of the One. Vip Macedonia Merger

  • Dusica Stevcevska Srbinoska UACS Skopje University American College Skopje
  • Edi Smokvarski UACS Skopje


Selecting the best integration approach is a meticulous and sensitive process that can mold the completion of the merger and/or acquisition transaction. In this paper, I discuss that implementing the proper integration approach leads to mitigating or increasing impending risks when going into major company restructuring events. If proper selection and execution takes place, and all related processes and expectations of the parties involved are duly taken into account, successful post-merger integration can be concluded in the Republic of Macedonia in spite of numerous difficulties. One of the greatest risk factors certainly lies in the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the work force which is of vital meaning for the operational excellence of every entity. Three different integration approaches - absorption, symbiosis, and preservation - are observed through literature overview and particular transactions. Additionally, I study the example of the integration approach adopted by one. Vip doo Skopje following the merger of Vip operator dooel Skopje and ONE in 2015, accentuating that multiple factors can increase or deteriorate the chances of integration success.

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